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If your family is anything like ours we have our ups and downs.  We have two small children – 6yrs and 3yrs and from when the children were very young we have learnt very quickly that as parents our kids need us to be in the driver’s seat and to be in control.  They look to us for every inch of their being and wellness.   Easier said than done right?  We have our own fears, expectations and insecurities and we hope like heck we don’t pass those on to our most treasured little people.  But life is life and children will face challenges on a daily basis – whether it be daycare or school for the first time, learning to do things for themselves or branching out and making new friends and learning new skills.  

We don’t always get it “right” but what we do have as parents is the ability to instill confidence, courage and resilience in our children.   My little daughter often suffers from a lack of confidence.  What she feels she cannot accomplish she will almost talk herself out of achieving.  At times she is her own biggest hurdle.   This week at 6yrs of age she gave a presentation in front of no less than 100 people…..a nerve racking moment for any of us but she overcame her mindset that she couldn’t do it…and she did.  So proud!   

Our subconscious mind is the biggest hurdle to overcome. It governs our goals, our belief systems, and what we think can achieve in life. 

We don’t think in terms of “I can’t” in our house – both the kids will tell you that….I think I drive them crazy with that saying every day!  Rather, we like to think more in terms of “This is easy, this is simple, this is fun”!    Its really not that difficult….just get the kids to repeat it and say it to themselves – it is a positive affirmation and can have an amazing effect on the mind and heart.  When we do this we are changing the belief system from I can’t do this, I’m not capable of doing this” to….”yes I can definitely do this!”  

We have also made up a beautiful blend of 3 oils to help instill confidence and courage in our little ones and help empower them to manage their emotions before they manage them.    How awesome is that!   

This was Sienna’s top pick for today:    We called it the

“I CAN DO IT” Blend.

10ml roller bottle

3 drops Bergamot

3 drops Frankincense

3 drops Sandalwood

Topped with Fractionated Coconut Oil

She puts this on the back of her neck, behind her ears, across her wrists and over her heart. Using the oils in this way, taking deep breaths and having positive little sayings have made such a difference to our family and I am sure it will with yours too.

Here are some other suggestions you might like to try.   Go ahead and have fun with it…..let the kids choose and blend what makes them feel happy – you may be surprised at how intuitive they are and know exactly what they need!    You can choose to diffuse these or make them up in a roller bottle as we did the blend above.  What your ratios are will depend on you personal preferences and how old your child is.   Adults can benefit from around 1/3 of the 10ml bottle the essential oil then filled with coconut oil - children will be less. 


Wild Orange, Peppermint, Clove


Bergamot, Lavender, Frankincence, Vetiver


Peppermint, Lime, Wild Orange 


Spearmint, Bergamot, Frankinence

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