Laundry Makeover Tip #1

Toxic chemicals are everywhere and exposure to them is often difficult to avoid but here is the upside….you can take control of the chemicals in your own home.

The chemicals we use to perform everyday tasks like wipe down benches, do our laundry and clean the bathroom can have a complete natural makeover! We have done this in our home and not only is it saving us money but our children can now help with the cleaning because they are totally safe for them to use.

Studies have shown overexposure to chemicals and toxins have been linked to brain and nervous system damage, asthma, allergies, behavior problems, cancer and more.

So if you feel its time for your family to make a change and reduce unnecessary exposure to these nasties then lets get going!

I wanted to share with you a little recipe I made up with my nearly 3 year old son – yes – incredibly – my 3 year old son could help me because there was nothing toxic in it (and as a side point he loved watching the vinegar react with the baking soda like a volcano!)

Just 3 simple ingredients and we have a great laundry product that really works!

So here it is:

Mix all ingredients together in a very large bowl or container. Pour into a glass container and use ¼ to ½ cup per load. I used just over ¼ cup in my full load and I found it was enough.

Unsure where to find quality essential oils that are certified pure?

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