Lavender – Its Useful Benefits

What can both calm you and rejuvenate your skin?


Lavender is an amazing essential oils and one of the most useful.  Chances are that this will become one of the main essential oils you use in your home.

So, what does Lavender do?  Well, like all essential oils, there are very many uses.  However, here are the 4 main uses for Lavender:

  1. Skin– soothes occasional skin irritations
  2. Feelings– reduces anxious feelings
  3. Relax– helps ease feelings of tension
  4. Mood– calming relaxing aroma

Here are some application ideas:

  • Bedtime– add a few drops to pillow or feet before bedtime for a more restful sleep
  • Skin Irritations– apply topically to soothe skin irritations
  • Air Freshening– add drops to water spray bottle to cleanse and freshen air, closets, mattress, car, etc.
  • Calm nerves– take internally or aromatically to reduce anxious feelings and promote calm

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