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Ahhh….Spring is here….bring on the  warmer days, outside activities and blossoms….but wait a minute….for many of us spring time is far from fun with the increase of pollens and flowers in the air, these days can be full of sniffly noses, itchy eyes and skin…and just plain misery.  If this sounds familiar please read on!     

Allergic reactions occur when the immune system reacts to foreign substances in the environment that are normally harmless to most people, such as pollen, bee venom, certain types of foods/nuts or pet hair.  These subtances are known as allergens.

When allergies occur our immune system identifies a particular allergen as harmful even if it isn’t and creates antibodies to fight it like inflamed skin, block sinuses, airways or digestive issues.The traditional way we have been used to treating these types of immune response is to either avoid the allergen and/or administer medications that modify the immune system such as antihistamines and decongestants to reduce symptoms.  

If you have been searching for a more natural, holistic away to support your body through these challenges then this blog is for you….….enter….Essential Oils!  Essential Oils have the ability to chemically support the body and balance its capacity to overcome acute or chronic hypersensitivity. 

Oils carry specific properties for allergy support*:-

Anti-allergenic: Geranium, Helichrysum.

Antihistamine: Lavender, Melissa, Roman Chamomile.

Steroidal: Basil and Rosemary.

Below are some blends which may prove helpful in supporting the immune system against an unwanted response.

Easy Air: Supports reduction and recovery from allergic responses.

Zendocrine: Supports permanent reduction of reactivity.

Purify: alleviates allergic response to bites and stings.

DigestZen: Supports digestion to calm food allergy responses.

On Guard: Supports immune system.Lavender Peace: acts as antihistamine.


Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint  

  • Place 2 drops of each in a glass of water and drink; repeat as necessary until symptoms subside. You can also consume blend in a vegie cap.  This combination also comes in a pre-made blended softgel called Tri-Ease. It is available from the US warehouse.    
  • Place equal portions of the 3 oils in a roller bottle and then fill with fractionated coconut oil.  For children please refer to dilution guide for the correct ratios of each oil.  Roll on the bottom of feet 2-3 times daily and wear cotton socks.

Eye Irritations

Layer 2 drops Lavender and Tea Tree under the pads of the index toe and middle toe and then rub in.  Use a few drops of Lavender at the temples and gently rub in.  Take care to stay close to the hairline to avoid eye contact.

Skin Rash/Hives

Dilute Lavender or Tea Tree with fractionated coconut oil and rub onto skin.  We have also found oils such as Cedarwood and Juniper Berry extremely effective in calming inflamed skin. 

It is important to note that as much as essential oils applied topically may soothe and calm inflamation a toxic, burdened, sluggish liver is a often a major culprit of an allergic response.  Layering oils over the liver area supports its ability to flush out toxins that burden other organs, including the skin and kidneys.  If your organs over overloaded with toxins you body will use the skin as a third kidney to try and eliminate them resulting in skin issues like rashes, excma and dermatitis.  The Zendocrine blend mentioned above is an excellent blend of essential oil that can be taken both internally and applied topically to support the cleansing of cells and ridding the organs of toxins.          

The essential oils we are referrring to are Certified Therapeutic Grade oils.  I cannot vouch for other oils on the market and only use the highest grade possible.  

*The Essential Life – Total Wellness Publishing 2015.

The above information is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any illness or disease.   Please consult a licenced and qualified health care provider for diagnosis, medical care and treatment. 

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