What challenges does your family face each day?  I know especially when our children start school or go to day care sometimes we seem to be fighting the coughs and colds every other week.  Whether it be anything from coughs, high temperatures to an upset tummy we have found so much relief in using essential oils for common ailments in our house.   Let me share some top ideas with you. 

1. Healthy Gut

DigestZen, Digest-Tab, TerraZyme, Lemon Oil

2. Muscles & Joint

Deep Blue Rub, Polyphenol Complex, Aroma Touch Oils, other tree oils

3. Head & Neck Tension

PastTense, Frankincense, Peppermint, ClaryCalm 

4. Strengthens Immunity

OnGuard oil & On Gurad Softgels, Melissa, Arborvitae, Maleleuca

5. Cuts, Burns, Bumps, Bruises & Bites

Helichrysum, Lavender, Melaleuca, Roman Chamomile, Correct-X 

6. Respiratory 

Breath, Eucalyptus, Cardomin, On Guard

7. Overheated

Frankincense, Peppermint, Lavender

8. Healthy Weight

Slim & Sassy, Grapefruit, Lemon & Ginger

9. Sleep

Serenity soft gel, Serenity oil, Vetiver, Juniper Berry, Balance

10. Energy & Stamina

Vitality Supplements, MitoMax 

About the Author Rebekah Teng

​Hi! Thanks for visiting and reading my blogs. As a busy mum of 2, I am a passionate health educator who loves helping women and their families learn how to live happy healthy lives. Having natural solutions on hand, reducing toxins in your home and having tools to improve your family's health is empowering. It's what I love to help people do.

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